Sunday, September 11, 2011

top selling item!

our petite vanilla cupcakes received a massive orders recently and alhamdulillah my hubby and i able to fullfill the orders sampai naik juling bijik mata and everything seems to be worth the value!

mini cupcakes are only in vanilla flavour but comes in choices of mixfruit, chocolate rice and raisins topping.. most customers seemed to love the taste and also the sizes seems those are in mini's - easy to display, not messy, and of course it is in a bite size!!! juz put in the whole mini's in your mouth and that's it! hahaha! apela aku ngarut pepagi hari nan sejuk ini

among the three toppings that we offered, the mixfruit topping is the top selling item so far.. u can smell the aroma of mixfruit and the light taste of it in the cupcakes, even children also cannot resists!

siyes sedappp! tambah2 leh campak terus sebijik dlm mulut... time raya, takde la sepah2 nak potong kek yg size dia besar ke hapa ke.. terus hidang mini cupcakes ni saja... easy to handle! I LOIKE!!

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