Saturday, June 18, 2011


apam polka dot is ready for sale! u may request any colour with any filling u want.. we have blueberry filling, strawberry filling, raspberry filling, kiwi filling and peach filling.. only RM 1.00 for every 4 pieces! u may order in bulk (the price will be cheaper - do contact me) or may hav it for ur dorrgifts on wedding, baby shower or house warming! we also provide other services such as packing (in plastic with tiny flowers or ribbon, in a cute box, or in a transparent tupperware) and delivery.. of course it will cost u some money but believe me - it's really worth the value!!!

ini hanyala sample semata.. sebab dalam drawer ini je warna yang ada.. hehe! jika mahukan pilihan warna yang lain, semestinya boleh.. ;D

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