Tuesday, March 22, 2011


salam peepers

sorry for not updating any latest news, tips and products.. masih banyak gamba dalam camera yang belum ditransfer ke lappy dan terlalu banyak perkara yang nak dikejar... it's a hectic month for me plus my little kitchen is in revation progress!!! erk!

so, starting from this week, i'll not taking any orders from cuctomers.. the renovation takes bout 2months to be settled n i'm afraid if my cakes will have a 'batu+simen' taste, and too powdery (because there are too many dust, everywhere!) kalo tak stop buat kek! hehe!

there are ketuk2 sana, ketuk2 sini, lubang2 sana, lubang2 sini.. wiring terjuntai here and there.. siling plaster yang terkopak, simen marble yg dah dicabut - i dont think it's a gud condition for me to make the cakes...

i'll make a come back later.. hope after everything is settled, i'm able to make a better-looking-cakes and of course, it'll taste better too!!!

see u soon guys!!!!

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